• Wendy Brown

Tattoo pricing

The million dollar question - how much? Two things of importance here:

a) How much for this? A question I get asked a lot, understandably. But the answer is always "it depends". If you can tell me how big (in cm or inches, or even "about cigarette packet size, for example), then I can give you a decent idea on price. "Medium" size and "Not too big, not too small" doesn't help I'm afraid. I also need to know where on the body as some are awkward and take longer - such as stomachs and necks. And whether its colour or black and grey - colour takes longer. Gimme that little lot and I'll give you a meaningful quote - size, placement, colour?

b) Session work - this is a tricky one. £90/hr is not necessarily more expensive than £60/hr. Now I know that sounds daft, but it all depends on the artist you're using. I work fast - very fast. I can do a tattoo in 2 hours that could take other artists double the time - or even more.

So, would you rather pay 2x£90=£180 or 4x£60=£240+? I often work out cheaper. And, of course, you get it over and done with quicker and I know I prefer that when I'm getting tattooed!! I ensure you get value for money. I don't spend time on the phone or outside smoking. You're paying for my time, you get it!

So whilst I understand times are tough and we all have to watch the pennies, please be wary when asking around for quotes. Not only does quality vary massively (cheap usually isn't good), but quotes will only be accurate if you give enough info. And beware hourly rates - there's more to those than meets the eye....

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