Hello! I am Wendy Brown. I have been tattooing for 22 years and I am still in love with it!  I've won several awards over the years, including Best Large Colour, Best Sleeve, Best Small Black and Grey, Best Fantasy Tattoo and Best Small Colour.


I  recently moved back to Weston-super-Mare after a few years in Carlisle. Prior to that I had my own large studio in Somerset for many years.  I am happy to now be working in the fabulous Samsara Ink in the. Town centre of Weston-super-Mare.   I much prefer just tattooing for a living and being able to put 100% into each tattoo rather than trying to run a large business at the same time.


I work school hours, typically 9:30-3:15  .  If you're thinking of popping in please drop me a message first to make sure I'm here, as I work around school holidays some of the time.  07809424142.

I work at several conventions around the country every year. 

My background is in food hygiene and health and safety so I work extremely cleanly and I used to chair the British Federation of Tattoo Artists. 

I am open to most styles of tattooing, but my natural style is realism - portraits, pin-ups, realistic flowers and so on.  I am equally happy in black and grey or colour. I also do a lot of Japanese style tattoos and I am expert at cover-ups.

I offer free, candid advice and will be sure to tell you if something is a bad idea or if there is a better option, though ultimately of course its your body and your decision! 

When I'm not at work, I love painting and I am keen to do more.  I take commissions so please ask if you're interested in a  unique piece of artwork. 


I love live music, mostly punk, pyschobilly and rockabilly though you'll see me trying to dance to a bit of Northern Soul from time to time too.   My scooterist background lives on!


I am mum to young Blake who is the apple of my eye!