If you live/work close enough to Weston to pop in for a chat:


  • This is much preferred.  I  work every Monday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday though I am sometimes off for school holidays.  Please ,message or call before travelling to check I'm in!

  • Please bring any reference with you PRINTED OUT or message me with it beforehand so I have a copy. 

  • If you pop in I'll stop if I can for a chat, though if its complex we can arrange a time for you to pop in for a proper, unrushed chat.  I have the internet at the studio so I can sit and work out ideas with you if needed.


If you are some distance away, please message in the first instance:

  • Please message ideas through my Facebook page here .  I will pick up messages daily where possible but not instantly.  If you haven't heard back within 48 hours, by all means remind me. 

  • Please also tell us where on the body you want it, whether its left or right, how big in cm high by cm wide and whether you want colour, black and grey etc

  • If there is a cover up of an old tattoo or scars, please send a CLEAR picture of this too, thanks!

Once there is a clear idea of a plan, I will take a deposit and draw something up for you, if thats appropriate. Sometimes with portraits there is no pre-drawing as its just a transfer applied directly to the skin. Deposits are non-refundable.  50% deposits are required for appointment bookings.

Deposits can be dropped off in CASH or by Card if I’m in (or done by Paypal only if you're unable to pop in).

Balance payments on the day are strictly CASH or CARD, not Samsung, Applepay, etc. 

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