• Wendy Brown

Thinking big?

I often get asked about large tattoos - sleeves, backpieces, full legs and so on. This is my speciality.

It can be a daunting undertaking, not just whether you can "take it" but also the cost, time and commitment. Having just completed a full leg sleeve (including the back of my knee 😱), I know how you feel!


Inevitably, in the current economic climate, cost has to be a consideration. Large tattoos are done in sessions, typically 3-6 hours at a time. You pay as you go so you're not looking for a big one-off outlay. Most people book in fortnightly or monthly, whatever is affordable.

See my pricing page for latest offers.

I can't give quotes here but I can tell you what a typical full sleeve tattoo takes in hours on an average arm:

- black and grey subject matter with simple backgrounds such as clouds - 15 hours

- complex black and grey - 20-25 hours

- colour with simple black and grey background- 25-30 hours

- complex colour with solid coverage - 30+ hours

This is how long it takes ME. I'm quick. Other tattooists may take considerably longer and/or give poor quality.

Once I know what you want I can let you know a custom estimation for your sleeve. Backpieces are similar but typically take a bit longer than a sleeve.


Most people sit for 3-6 hours once a fortnight or once a month. So a 18 hour sleeve could be completed in 6 weeks or take as long as 6 months. The important thing is to book in regularly and keep it rolling.

Committing to a Design

This is where a consultation is critical. I'm not being awkward when I ask you to pop in instead of trying to sort it via message . For two reasons - firstly I need to SEE you. Take measurements, see what other tattoos you have, get a feel for your style. Secondly - so you can brief me. Show me pictures, point at areas, explain what you want, why, where and all that jazz. If you're committing to the time, cost and permanence of a big tattoo, a few minutes discussing it fade to face is a vital investment. And a FREE one!

Booking in

I dont have a long waiting list, so I can get you in and the design ready within a week or two (correct at time of going to press!)

Call or message me and we'll arrange a consultation. To start the design I do require a non-refundable deposit but that comes off your first tattoo appointment.

At the consultation I'll also get you booked in for the first session if you want, or you can wait to see the design. I'm happy to make minor changes to the design as long as it sticks within the original brief. If you change your mind completely I will need another deposit.

At each session I recommend rolling over your deposit and booking the next session. That keeps the ball rolling and the deposit comes off your final session.

And yes, I'm over the moon with my leg sleeve (trouser? 🤣)!

Anything else you need to know? Message me or call 07809424142. Thanks!

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