Your tattoo is done using sterile equipment under strictly controlled conditions.  Once it is complete and wrapped following your sitting, the remainder of the aftercare is down to you. 



  • wash your new tattoo at least twice a day - more often if its likely to get dirty or sweaty.

  • keep it clean - keep it covered with loose clothing that allows air to circulate without making the tattoo too sweaty.

  • shower rather than bath if you can.

  • use the aftercare cream recommended by your tattooist and nothing else. Use it at least twice a day until the tattoo is healed.

  • wash your hands before washing the tattoo and wash your tattoo before applying cream.

  • put on clean bedclothes after a fresh tattoo as dirty bed linen can be a source of infection.

  • expect your new tattoo to weep for the first 24-48 hours, possibly longer. Its normal.

  • expect your tattoo to be sore for a few days - some areas bruise and/or swell a lot too.

  • come back if you have any concerns - WE WILL BE HAPPY TO HELP AND ADVISE, even if the tattoo wasn't done by us.


  • listen to mates down the pub.  They aren't the experts, we are!

  • use any creams other than those recommended by your tattooist.

  • over-do the cream - a small amount rubbed in well is good, just enough to moisturise it lightly.

  • swim, sunbathe or use saunas or hot tubs until is completely healed.

  • soak in the bath for long periods of time.

  • allow pets near your tattoo or onto your bed during the healing period.

  • over-stretch the tattooed area - by all means hit the gym but avoid exercises that affect the tattooed area.

  • pick, scratch or rub the tattoo.  Don't touch it at all unless you are washing it .