• Wendy Brown

A moving post!

This is a personal post. As you may know, I moved back to Weston-super-Mare in March 2019. This was after a 4 year spell in Cumbria where, for the first time in years, I worked in someone else's studio. This was a breath of fresh air after the stress of running my own large studio for many years. So when I decided to move home, I chose to rent a room rather than set up a shop of my own again. My room at Bliss is all I need. Working here means I can focus on my clients - no distractions, no drama and no stress. Its much better for me and ultimately for my clients too. I have all the equipment I need to be a happy little self-contained studio. Being upstairs means I am separate from the salon itself. But its lovely to work alongside such a friendly crowd. I still tattoo guys as well as the ladies so please don't be put off by walking through the salon to get upstairs. Lots of fellas do!

Here are some photos of my studio -

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